MXC’s strategy

– Act as the catalyst for profitable aggregation in a diverse market place, creating the opportunity to build sizable platforms

– Provide capital to companies with high growth potential, partnering with their management to accelerate value creation


Typical investment profile

We have a UK focus, but are not shy of international opportunity. We make meaningful investments of between 10% to 29.9% of the equity. We prefer B2B over B2C and are as attracted to more mature technologies as we are to newer ones.

We are building on two complementary investment themes

– A small number of principal investments that are quoted platforms, set for growth by acquisition

– A portfolio of high potential, smaller investments that are fast growth, probably first generation managed and undercapitalised

Our main areas of focus

We are actively sourcing and selecting investment opportunities in:


…and we are opportunist, considering investments in undercapitalised or distressed businesses.

Our sources of funds

We have access to a pool of capital that is often supplemented by our own institutional shareholders in MXC. We are keen to build on our access to high net worth, entrepreneurial investors and family offices. We have access to debt finance, which in some cases proves to be particularly efficient for the companies we invest in. As major shareholders in MXC, our team is keen to avoid dilution and so we will re-invest profits from trading our investments.

Scaling MXC for the future

We know that to create value in our own business, we must build depth to deliver scale and sustainability. To become the adviser and investor of choice for technology companies, we are focussed on building out our processes and capability to support an increasing level of business. We are investing in talent to manage our expanding flow of opportunities, to source opportunities more widely and to complete an increasing number of transactions.